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On Circumcision
The loudest argument I hear for circumcision is people arguing (incorrectly) that it has health benefits (it does, but it also have risks, and the risks negate the benefits).
But another argument I hear is that everybody who they meet who is against circumcision has mental health problems, the implication being that mental health problems -cause- the issue with circumcision.
Circumcision doesn't bother me because I don't like the way it looks.  It doesn't even really bother me that I don't experience sexual pleasure.  Circumcision bothers me because of what it says about other people's attitude towards me.  It bothers me because it means I live in a society that thinks my right to decide whether or not somebody cuts part of me off -doesn't matter-.
That's what bothers me about circumcision, when you get right down to it.  I'll argue on the health risks.  But the health risks are only a way of convincing people who I don't really regard as having any right to de
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On Anarcho-Capitalism
Anarcho-capitalism is often considered a cousin to minarchism - but it has one crucial difference which is precisely the difference between minarchism and capitalism: Anarcho-capitalists reject the doctrine of collective self-defense. Indeed, they necessarily reject the doctrine of self-defense entirely, as anywhere violence is encountered, the party that wins, wins; there is no agency which can be granted the function of determining whether the party that won was in the wrong or in the right, because that agency, granted that it had the right of arbitration which necessarily would require it possess the right to enforce that arbitration, would be government.
The suggestion that you can hire out to agencies such as police ignores the fundamental problem that those agencies, in order to be effective, must be capable of enforcing themselves on individuals who have -not- agreed to their policies; anarcho-capitalism ignores the problem that those who government would protect you from are n
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On Sins
Sins are that which one recognizes as sins.  Even absent Christianity, absent God, absent any religion, we still find heaven and hell - a life spent in regret and self-revulsion, or a life spent in satisfaction and self-contention.
A short life, or an eternal one, our life is determined by whether we do that which we think is good, or that which we think is evil - a man who thinks he has done evil will be miserable and self-loathing.  A man who thinks he has done good will be proud of himself - unless pride is a sin, in which case he will never escape his guilt.
The ideal moral system does not construe as evil that is necessary to living, nor that which is the product of the life well-lived - that which does not condemn the living to hell.  Original sin condemns the living to guilt - any moral system which turns us to sinners with or without our will is hardly ideal, and is quite evil in nature.  The philosophy of the brother's keeper condemns th
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The Virtue of Selfishness
I am selfish. Too selfish to drop a dollar in a beggar's cap, too selfish to care about the homeless on the street, too selfish to have any desire to help drug addicts come clean, too selfish to help a disadvantaged person live a normal life.
These are characteristics of a selfish person.
My selfishness runs deeper than that, however.
I am too selfish to want to rule the world, no matter the benefits it brings me - for I want my life to be mine and mine alone.
I am too selfish to lie - for I would not settle for being somebody other than me, for living a life besides the one I am living.
I am too selfish to steal - for I want to know that what is mine is mine by my own effort, built to my standards, by my virtue.
I am too selfish to hate - for my life and my time are too important for such nonsense.
I am too selfish to envy - again, because my life and my time are too valuable.
I am too selfish to be racist - because the money of a black man is as good as the money of a white man, beca
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On Canvas
The ultimate canvas is the human form - the ultimate tools, the human mind.  We each are granted but a single canvas to paint upon, to produce a masterpiece or to produce garbage.  Some are granted superior canvas, or superior tools, with which to produce either masterpiece or garbage.  But each has the opportunity to paint as they will.  To sculpt what they will.  A laugh line here - a hard muscular line there.  Softness in the right place.
Or in the wrong.
Not all must appreciate the same aesthetic qualities.  It is up to each of us to decide what to do with what we are granted, what qualities to pursue.
But it is an act of greatest negligence never to paint upon that canvas at all, or to splash paint upon it and call it art.  An act of greatest deceit to copy another's picture upon it, or to trace another's lines, or to unroll another's painting and paste it over the canvas, to hide what is truly there.
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On Friendship
What does friendship mean?
What makes somebody a friend, as opposed to an acquaintance?
Are you friends with somebody merely because you know them well?  Doesn't that make everybody who reads an auto bibliography friends with the author?
Are friends merely people you have a good time with?
Friendship has been on my mind a lot lately, because of a problem I'm dealing with with an individual who has been my only serious friend for the past three years.  This individual - well, it's between us, so I will simply explain it as that I was lied to, basically because my friend was afraid of hurting me with the truth.
Now, this is a very serious problem for me, because honesty has always been my number one priority in friendships.  I never really questioned this value, it seemed obvious - you can't be friends with somebody you can't be honest with, who can't be honest with you.  Why would I question it?  Well, I've been questioning i
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On Economics
Stagflation is the critical flaw in Keynesian economics. Keynes believed it could not happen. Effectively, stagflation is what happens when government starts increasing its spending during a depression - prices start rising (inflation), and the depression isn't reversed, partly because rising prices discourage additional spending. A more complicated, in-depth explanation would take a block of text you wouldn't care to wander through.
In short, Keynesian economics relies upon the idea that inflation is strongly associated with economic growth, and that if government engages in inflationary economic activities, it will spur economic growth. That strong association has been proven false, and we have encountered stagnant inflation with every recession and depression since Keynes was in office, eighty years ago.
Essentially, laissez-faire economics has been shown, in the experiment of the last eighty years, to be at the very least no worse than Keynesian economics, and likely better.
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That's MR Chuckles to You
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Tagged by LogicalWomen


1. You must post these rules. (HA!)
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons/names in your journal. (No!)
5. "Mention" the person you tagged with an "@" symbol in front of their name.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people. Tag however many you want.
8. No tag-backs.
9. You can't say that you don't do tags.  (Can too.  :-) )
10. You MUST make a journal entry!

My 10 Facts:
1.) My nickname among my friends is "Thor".  There -are- hammer jokes.
2.) I have phantom-limb wings I can move at will.  Their size is directly proportionate to my internal energy levels, ranging from nearly nonexistent to large enough to wrap a house in.  (They don't -do- anything, they're just an odd awareness of limbs that don't actually exist.)
3.) My dreams follow very strict rules and always occur in the same worldspace; if I go to the same location in a dream, the same things will always be there.
4.) I calculate square roots (Generally between 200 and 1,000) to three decimal places to determine whether I've had too much to drink, which is a quantity that is far too much for you, I guarantee it.
5.) I have 2-3 multi-million dollar ideas a year, and never act on them, mostly because my genius doesn't quite transcend my laziness.
6.) I've written >200 pages of a book.  I don't know how many exactly because I lost interest and never finished transcribing the notebook paper to digital copy.
7.) My Pandora station is Voltaire + The Cure as the seeds.  It's pretty epic.
8.) I'm a walker.  I've gone on eight hour walks before.  It's my preferred de-stresser.
9.) I have eight piercings in a place most guys probably don't want to think about.  It used to be ten, but I failed to notice when two of them came out.
10.) I was a very late speaker, but when I started speaking, it was in full and correct sentences.  My first words were "Can we go to the store?"

My 10 Answers:
1.) My level-headedness.
2.) My laziness.
3.) Probably something in the "10 facts" thing?
4.) I bought my girlfriend a pass at a zoo to pet penguins.
5.) Capsela, probably.
6.) My brother, who has essentially been my best friend throughout my entire life.
7.) Gray/silver.  I'm looking forward to aging.
8.) Candle Cove, probably.  Although one of the short stories I wrote is probably a close second.
9.) It is glass and stone, with a stream running underneath the living room, and fire incorporated into the walls; essentially, all four classical elements pulled together.
10.) I'd probably be tempted around the $2,000 mark.  Yeah, I'm expensive.  Butter is disgusting.

My 10 Questions:
1.) What's more horrifying to you: Mortality, or immortality?
2.) Would you start your life over from scratch, with all memories intact, if you had the opportunity?
3.) What is the most painful injury you've ever had?
4.) What songs have you memorized, beginning to end?
5.) What's your earliest memory?
6.) What part of your anatomy would you least care about losing?
7.) What superpower would you choose, and why?
8.) What is your favorite book?
9.) What is the worst book you've ever read?
10.) What is your favorite style of painting?

I guess I'll tag Sushimitzu.  (Anybody else who feels like volunteering is welcome to, but I'm honestly not sure who reads this stuff anymore. :-) )


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FantasiaMeister Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have my follow. And geez you must have a lot points to get a premium till hell freezes over. :O :D
Unvalanced Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Got that to make a point, actually.
FantasiaMeister Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What was the point? O.o
Unvalanced Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Somebody accused somebody else of being moochers on DeviantArt on the grounds that the accuser had a subscription and the accused did not.  I responded by getting this form of membership, and pointed out that from this perspective, they were the ones mooching, since I had put forward more support than they, and that at any rate whether or not one purchases a membership isn't indicative of one's support for the site.  My point was essentially that I've donated far more points than was necessary to get "Till Hell Freezes Over" in the course of my stay in DeviantArt, and did so because membership didn't offer me any benefits I saw purpose in, whereas the donations (such as to maintain the Deviant Art Political Forum Club: dapoliticalforumclub.deviantar… ) -did- offer me purpose, and that therefore the possession or non-possession of membership status isn't indicative of one's direct financial support.  I also pointed out that advertisements and pageviews in themselves are of value to DeviantArt, which is why membership is free in the first place, and that no member is a "moocher" in the first place.  Accusations about the accuser's character may also have been involved.  :-)

It was a politically-motivated attack on libertarian principles (the person being attacked had espoused such) which I rebuked, in part by myself being one of the best-known libertarians on the politics forum and expressing my support in such a gratuitous, loud, and pointless fashion.  (Gratuitous, loud, and pointless being the most effective approach to destroying somebody else's attempt at social signaling, which is really what that was, at its heart.)
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Jeysie Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer, thanks?
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Jeysie Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No, I mean, why?
Unvalanced Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Because I felt like it.  :-)
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Wedge-The-Hedge Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
your username drives my ocd insane. i want to change that v to a b so bad. y u do that??
Unvalanced Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's a pun on the word valence and the word "unbalanced."

Valence means "power", very roughly (valence shells, in physics, are referring to power levels of electrons).

First, it refers to my rejection of the just-so theory of valence shells in physics.  Second, it refers to the fact that I created this account as a politics-driven account, and it is an acknowledgment of the fact that as such, my commentary would be from a particular political perspective (unbalanced).

There are other potential meanings that can be drawn, surprisingly accurately - my rejection of power as a legitimate goal for myself - but those two were the primary intentions behind the creation of the username.
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